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House Design Flexibility  
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Unlike the vast majority of prefabricated building manufacturers only offering a limited range of house designs in a brochure to choose from . . . . ..
 . . . . . We believe your new dream home, should be exactly how you imagined, how you want, for your plot, and not having been designed for someone else.
2D Prefabricated Homes:
Our steel-frame 2D prefabricated homes and prefabricated buildings, are not limited to any pre-designs or pre-sizes.  - 100% design flexibility and freedom.
3D Modular Homes:
We are about to launch a number of designs of varying sizes, but again, and for most part, your own designs are welcome.
Although not essential, and purely for your maximum economy in shipment and delivery, we always suggest just a few dimensions parameters to consider.
But this in no way restricts design flexibility, creativity or freedom

Even with a design from a brochure, to comply with the vast majority of local and country regulations, the services of an architect can rarely be avoided. 
So there really is no benefit in making compromises with others designs.  Enjoy the opportunity of realising your dream, and seeing them come together. 
Exclusive homes  - Offering Total Design Flexibility, Freedom & Choice. . . . including for ‘one-off’ house, villa or apartment projects.


And with no knowledge of our system and methods being required by local architects, that also includes the freedom to choose and appoint your own.
We always recommend the use of your own selected local architect for your prefabricated building project. 
(In some locations and countries, for any form of construction, it is a legal condition/ requirement.)  
-   We will be pleased to help introduce you to architects in your own area if required.
Your chosen architect does NOT require specialist knowledge of our form of construction, although we are always happy to liaise with them.
In addition to the obvious ease and speed of communication and liaison working locally with you, local architects always have very useful local knowledge, contacts and advice.
And a local architect will almost certainly be required to assist in making and submitting any planning applications.

Our own in-house technical designers and engineers are always available to liaise directly with your own architect, as and when wanted or necessary.      
Our own technical engineers undertaking all appropriate technical transpositions into those required for a high specification steel-frame construction. 
Enabling your project (and imagination) to be rapidly realised and turned into reality.

We can also offer 2D and 3D visualisations to bring your ideas to life in their early stages.


To manufacture your house or project
For 2D prefabricated buildings:
All we will eventually require are the final .dwg files (AutoCAD’s) prepared for any form of construction. (For Brick and block construction for example.) 
Nothing unique is required in your house design for 2D prefabricated home construction.  (We provide/undertake all the relevant technical transpositions.)
For 3D Modular buildings: 
We are pleased to assist in the creation of any final plans, but please note that all local regulations and requirements will of course need to be provided.

Please note:
We do not generally manufacture and supply of individual ('one-off') villa or house 2D projects of less than 120m2 Living Area.  (I.e. This size is normally for multi-unit supply projects only.)                       
Individual supply of very small sizes is frequently and unavoidably less uneconomic in 2D format.  -  Small size homes understandably requiring many of the same key elements as their larger counterparts.    Please feel free to ask us for advice on your own project of course.  But do be aware of this.
For 3D Modular format, as each module is on average between 30 - 36m2, then smaller sizes are far easier to address 

The images shown throughout this website are all bespoke client copyright design projects, (apart from those indicated otherwise) so they are NOT for selection or supply. They are simply to fire your imagination, provide you with inspiration, and to show any home design or concept is possible.
Imaginations really can be allowed to run free, as even this small following selection of modern styles clearly show:



Your Dream House?     Lets talk!   (mob) +34 695 175 496
Or better still, drop us a brief email today, with any details you have, and we will respond immediately.
It isn't just about the exterior design and appearance, or the structural quality either. -  Interiors are just as important to us. (And you of course.) 
The interior is after all, where a large majority of us spend a considerable amount of our time. 


We fully appreciate that there are still some clients who despite the golden opportunity to now have manufactured and constructed, exactly the design they want in 'prefabricated form', still require the convenience/simplicity of a 'pre-designed' house.     
Such as 'Havana Villa', and the additional designs, shown below.
Please be aware however, that even with such 'existing designs', to comply with building and planning regulations in your own area, a local architect is still invariably required.  Either to simply comply with local regulations, or to address various technical / structural details and parameters, specific to your plot and / or geographic location.
Havana Villa.  a 2D Prefabricated Home.  Proving the impossible, is possible!
Quality, imagination and style . . . .  at a very economic price


Havana Villa is 216m2 of contemporary design, filled with natural light, and with some very individual features. 
This bespoke villa comprises 4 double bedrooms, 3 fully fitted bathrooms, (one en-suite) a spacious modern kitchen plus large utility room, 3 large bedroom terraces, free-flowing open plan living area, entrance lobby . . . . .

Supplied to include all interiors and exterior materials,   -  bespoke luxury kitchen, bathrooms, custom staircase, fitted wardrobes, floor finishes, electrics . . . . I.e. essentially everything from the ground (slab) level upwards!

Simple ideas as shown below, showing that imagination can start even with relatively modest sizes.  - (One of the below is little more than 120m2)



Customer Service & Support
ecoconstruccionespana specialists are at your service. After our initial communication and information, we are pleased to provide consultancy services to advise and assist you in your choice of design, and are pleased to explain the necessary formalities and stages related to house construction. We will give advice on the various finishing standards and options most applicable to your project.   -   Most importantly, we treat every customer as an individual.
Free Appraisal
Whatever stage you are at, be it clear outline floor plans, professional plans, or best of all as they will be needed eventually, .dwg files, (AutoCad’s) from your architect, please send them to us for an initial FREE Assessment.    (The greater the information, the more accurately we can initially advise you.)  
Please however, do not simply state: 'We want a 3 bedroom house"  . . .  And expect detailed responses.  
That tells us nothing of use.  -  The possibilities are endless.
We work from plans and facts.     Generalisation all too often can lead to misleading (albeit unintentional) information.  Which is of no benefit to anyone. 
We will however, help, guide and advise you as to what is required to move your project forwards.