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Construir el futuro


Welcome to the future of construction.
Our state-of-the-art systems are recognized worldwide.
Our buildings are sustainable and 90% recyclable, ensuring future generations of sustainable housing.
These buildings are of first-class quality and are highly insulated and with all walls, including interior and exterior, along with floors and ceilings.
These ECO BUILDINGS will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on public services.
Social housing can start at € 565M2.
Whatever your project, a uniquely built luxury villa for housing estates, apartment blocks, student accommodation and even entire cities can be catered for, whatever your project, send us your plans and we will be happy to quote:

2 formats to meet your needs. 
2D prefabricated houses 
(and prefabricated buildings)
Construction of 2D panels in advanced stage.
Fully modular 3D houses 
(and modular buildings)
PPVC - Prefabricated Prefabricated Volumetric Construction.
     Prefabricated houses and individually manufactured chalets. . . .
. . . . To your own design and specifications           
Wherever you are in the world you can be. . . . .
                                                    . . . . Prefabricated and modular steel frame structures. Building the Dream
There is no restriction on style, size, or concept. - There are no 'off the shelf' components. - There are no restrictive panel or module sizes.
No choice of brochure. . . Have your own personal dream design at home.
       Houses - Luxury Villas - Hotels - Apartments - Prefabricated Modules - Social Housing - Condominiums - Commercial Buildings. . .

Here in Spain, or anywhere in the world. . .

Welcome to off-site construction solutions that deliver houses on time, on budget, and in up to half the time it takes for fully site-based construction. . . .
. . . . Welcome to ecoconstruccionespana.
Aimed at meeting the worldwide demand for prefabricated constructions with steel structures, with fast finishes, exceptional qualities, economically viable and with custom designs.
With a constant focus on innovation and progress,  ecoconstruccionespana offers you total freedom of design with imagination, efficient energy, high quality and constructions with advanced technology and respecting the environment. We give exceptional value for money, but always without compromising global regulations, materials or quality.
Our advantages of prefabricated buildings include:

100% design freedom
Direct from conventional .dwg files 
High specifications throughout 
For all global climatic conditions
ISO 9001: 2008, EN1090-1, TEK10 etc. 
High specification in thermal and acoustic insulation
Factory sealed panels
Fast completion times
Standard plate foundations
Exceptional energy efficiency
Semi-skilled labour 
Quality and perfection, as normal

Prefabricated buildings have, for many years, had a low reputation for glamour.  In the past and post war era  would have been fully justified.  Without a doubt they used to be, unimaginative concrete elements or wooden shells.  

But high quality, prefab houses, individually manufactured to your exact specifications and design, and meeting all global standards is now the normal!
We have retained the name "prefabricated buildings" but have completely reinvented the concept.

To such a degree, that we are already seen by renowned architects and developers as the construction method of the future. And in fact have been approved by the College of Architects in Spain. 

No precast concrete, no wood frame, no wood panel or brick filler, no damp, no rot, no infestation, no problems!
Modular houses - prefabricated house - Prefabricated buildings for all shapes, sizes, designs and applications.

 Everything for a construction with the highest imaginable specifications. And always exceeding the demands and expectations of the most demanding customers, in the same way that the quality exceeds the average of "conventional" construction, anywhere in the world.

2D or 3D. 
From plans to keys, quickly and efficiently. *


* Subject to project size and complexity, but 3D can take as little as 6 weeks. 2D can be in as little as 6 months.




President of the Collegio de Architectos Juan Maria and Stuart Meadows sign contracts