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Start to Finish - The Process  -  In Brief

Especially once the plot or site for your new modular home, building or development project has been found and confirmed. From there, you can start by putting together some simple outline floor plans of what you require and envisage. Maybe even a sketch of the sort of style as well.

(Please be aware, as with any construction, you will at some point need to provide full plot details including topography and geotechnic surveys etc, in to determine any foundation requirements over and above that of a standard concrete slab, strip and beam, or 'Surefoot' system.
Bespoke design freedom ensures every aspect of your plot is utilised. 
From orientation and elevation, to views, access and topography.

For those less advanced, selecting and working with your own local architect is both welcomed and recommended, and is frequently advantageous. (Knowledge of local terrain, building regulations and requirements, and familiarity with local mayors and planning officers.)
Please note: Some countries insist on a locally certified / registered architect leading the project.
It is NOT essential for your architect to be familiar with our methods for the design and plan preparation.  We will  appraise them of our methods, and liaise with them throughout the project.

When your modular home project is sufficiently advanced for you to have the architectural plans (normally prepared as for any conventional brick and block construction, and as full dimension floor plans elevations, sections and 3D's) we will be pleased to then receive them to enable us to provide an outline guide supply cost quotation for you.
After this has been approved 'in principal', we will then require. (if not already provided) the full specification .dwg files (AutoCAD's) for producing a detailed BOQ, and in turn, manufacture.  

Once the design and floor plans have been determined and finalised, we use an Advanced Software Design Program that our own engineers use that transposes the plans from conventional .dwg files (AutoCAD's) into structural drawings for steel-frame prefabricated panelised construction. 

From this point after acceptance, we can then provide you with choices of colours, finishes, kitchens, bathrooms, fittings – the full spectrum of everything your home or building will require. 
Any amendments then being applied to the final BOQ for your approval. 
On receipt of the initial deposit, (30% of the BOQ) the manufacturing process will commence.

The manufacturing period is generally in the region of 60 days. (Confirmed with each project)

Quality controlled and inspected, and then containerised and sealed at source, buildings can be quickly, easily, economically and safely transported to all global locations.
Shipment times for modular homes are generally estimated at around 31 days, worldwide. (TBC.  Subject to final location.  Smaller islands etc can be a little longer.)

With all ground-works and foundations (slab, strip, Surefoot etc) having been prepared during the manufacturing and shipping period by your locally appointed contractors, the steel-frame panelised components are ready for immediate and rapid erection upon arrival on site. 

A competent locally appointed semi-skilled 5/6 man team, overseen by our own Chief Engineer can often continue to then complete an average sized prefabricated home or villa to a sealed and secure stage in 3 - 4 weeks. And frequently fully  finished and fitted in an additional 8 - 10 weeks.

Although not guaranteed for every project, being subject obviously to the size and complexity of the construction, this exceptional speed and efficiency is a more than realistic possibility.

In short, a controlled process that for our part, ensures no subsequent delays, and offers planned and controlled time frames, wherever your project maybe.
Theoretically, and not uncommonly, from completion of your plans, to receiving the keys to your property, a period of 26 weeks (and sometimes less) is possible. 

At this very early stage in your process however, until more is known, we always suggest a period of 26 - 30 weeks is allowed in any forward-planning and early estimation.

iPrefab Global's manufacturing partner produces modular homes, prefabricated houses, villas and buildings, of high energy efficiency and exceptional quality.  -  Rest assured, your new project will be no different.

With our prefabricated house’s being generally both lower in overall cost, and faster to complete, it is easy to see why they have become the constantly increasing choice of many, worldwide.